Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Product Review: Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer

In the world of relaxing, one often knows the pain and agony of chemical burns and limp lifeless hair after the process is completed. In steps Mizani Butter Blends Rhelaxer System ( I almost didn't buy it because of the "h" in relaxer. I thought it was a knockoff, but appearantly that's what Mizani is going with so oh well), it's a multi-stepped process with lots of products in the system. It sounded nice but I just want to use the relaxer. So I bought the 30 oz tub in Coarse/ Resistant and one in Regular/Normal. 

Now I'm not really into this whole hair typing thing. I don't know if I'm a 3b/c or 4a/b, or whatever else they come up with. I can however tell you that I have fine hair with medium density. My natural hair consists of small waves very close together, but it doesn't have the spiral or coil like shape like curls. Whatever typing it falls under so be it. And it does its own thing and can be very resistant and has to be tamed into submission (much like its owner, hmmm). 

I decided to use the Coarse/Resistant relaxer (I refuse to spell it with an "h") to see how it would work. Now according to the Mizani website, this relaxer is supposed to contain shea butter, cocoa butter and honey and " an advanced conditioning agent - Polyquaterium -6 that provides superior conditioning during relaxing, adds lubricity and a soft silky feel". I applied the relaxer and left it on for about fifteen minutes. Now I must say that I felt some burning but I did have a serious scratch-athon the previous day. And yes I know I shouldn't do that but it seems to me that as soon as you decide to relax your hair, all of a sudden it starts to itch like crazy.

I washed it out with a neutralizing shampoo and deep conditioned as I usually do. Then I rinse and blow dry. Well let me tell you this, the roots of my hair where the relaxer was applied felt so soft, it really did feel like butter. I never had a relaxer that left my hair feeling like that. On the other hand, my hair wasn't fully relaxed. I could still see the waves in my natural hair peeking through.  They still felt really soft and smooth but it wasn't straight like how I wanted it.

As you can see, the very middle to the front was straight but the sides were not. I'm a person that works out about four to six times a week so nine days later because of the sweat and washing of hair, it looked as if relaxer had never touched it. Now it isn't that the relaxer was sweated it out, because once relaxer had broken down the bonds in the hair, that's it. There's no reverting back. It seemed as if the relaxer had a temporary effect on my hair, softening and loosing up the waves, which is great for a one time event. However I must divulge that most lye relaxers, like the types used in the salons do not effectively break down my hair. As I said before, it's pretty resistant. Only the type that comes with the activator to mix in the relaxer seem to work. Here's my hair with the Soft and Beautiful that comes in the box to mix:

Yup. Noticeable difference. Final Thoughts: Overall I think it's a pretty decent relaxer. If you have hair that breaks down easily then I would recommend that you try this. If you don't want your hair fully relaxed but easily manageable then this is for you. If you want bone straight hair, then this is not for you. Rating: --

UPDATE: I'm changing the rating of this product. The review remains the same. But considering that my hair did look unretouched nine days after I applied the relaxer. I'm going to downgrade this product. My hair does feel really soft after I use it, so that's a plus in its favour. New Rating: 3.2/5.

Rating Scale

0-0.9: Ignore it like last week's garbage that even an alley cat wouldn't touch.
1-1.9: Piss poor product. Don't even look at it.
2-2.49: Got lots of kinks in it but you could work with it to get something decent.
2.5-2.9:An average product. Nothing special but it gets the job done.
3-3.49: Good product with a few minor gliches.
3.5-3.9: Quality product with a little extra oomph to it.
4-4.49: Excellent product.
4.5-5: Why are you still reading this? Go and buy it now!


  1. Another Great post! I been meaning to try some Mizani products, Im currently using Motions relaxer and it works real good.

  2. Thank you Keisha! I've been eyeing the Motions but I'm not sure which one to buy.

  3. I don't believe mizani process the hair very well. I used it before and even after the time that the product says to leave it on for I could still see the kinks in my hair because at the time I was like 5 months post. After I rinse the relaxer out it was like I didn't relax my hair at all! I re-relaxed my hair 3 weeks later with silk elements which did a better job than mizani. I wouldn't recommend this relaxer to anyone because it is known to under process the hair. I end up given the rest of the mizani tub to one of my friends. I'm happy it worked somewhat for you.

    1. Yikes, I will Never use this again. I used this product and it broke my hair off, and I am shedding beyond belief. First the shedding started and then the breakage. I followed the steps C A R E F U L L Y, and I do mean carefully. It does not get your hair straight at all. I used it 3 times always thinking that the next time my hair would get straight. What is the the problem Mizani? Next came the dry hair. My hair was so dry after the re-touch (at 8 weeks), that the more I used the Mizani product line the dryer it became. Mizani means balance, lol; your hair will not feel that way. I am dam near bald in the back and will have to wear braids until my hair grows back. Oh the horror. I am a African-American, and I have the kind of hair that when it gets wet it shrinks up. You have to dry it press it etc to get it straight again. Screw that labeling crap of 3a or whatever. Mizani, you should be ashamed selling this stuff. It does not work. YOUR HAIR WILL NOT GET STRAIGHT, not even texlax You will NOT notice any difference. You will have the nappy roots you start with. Trust me. IT DOES NOT WORK. I now use it to unclog my slow running drains.

    2. I'm so sorry to hear that it did that to your hair. That's terrible. I've never used any other Mizani products other than the relaxer, so what were you using in the line that made it so dry? Because drying out of hair is the opposite of what black hair needs. Your last part made me laughed. It's funny how it doesn't relax well but it burns nonetheless.

  4. I can definately see that happening with Butter Blends, as I said in my review, nine days later my hair looked as if relaxer had never touched it. I think they made this formula a bit too weak.

  5. I read somewhere that Butter Blends is formulated to only relax your hair 70% of the way through. I.e. it's formulated to texlax. Which is why I think I might buy it as my hair is fine.

  6. I liked the mizani relaxer. I don't like my hair bone straight, my hair is very thick and I just wanted it to be manageable. Mizani does exactly that! It makes my hair soft and I get many compliments on how nice my hair looks. I can curl it and it has lots of body. Excellent product. I used Motions prior to Mizani and I definitely prefer Mizani over Motions.

  7. Heard so many good things about Mizani and decided to give it a try. My hair has been breaking off every since HORRIBLE

    1. Oh no! That is horrible. It probably dried out your hair too much. You probably need a weekly deep moisturizing treatment for your hair to catch back.


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