Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sleek Russian Roulette Lipstick

Let's play a game. Can you guess who I am? Many have come before me, and many will come after. I work with everyone, yet no one can name me precisely. I look like her or I look like him. Many will comment when you're with me, saying that they love me yet they don't know me. Ah yes, neither did you when you first recieved me but then you gave me a chance and we fell in love and we will never grow apart.

Sleek Russian Roulette (on the left)

Sleek Russian Roulette lipstick is one of the ten new True Colour lipsticks that Sleek debuted recently. It is a bright blue based matte red lipstick. It is a bit darker than MAC's Russian Red which is more orange based and it is quite close to MAC's Ruby Woo. The difference is that Russian Roulette applies alot smoother to the lips than Ruby Woo and it isn't as drying. I would honestly say that this is a better version of Ruby Woo. Yes, I went there. It is a better version of Ruby Woo, please allow it to sink in. 

Russian Roulette is one of those reds that is universal. It will work well with all skintones and undertones. It comes in a small rubberized case that can fit quite neatly into a pocket. It is long lasting and clings well to lips. The colour bleeding is quite minor which is great for red lipsticks which are notorious for doing such. I would go as far to say that this is a must have red for any makeup collection. 

Rating: 5

Rating Scale

0-0.9: Ignore it like last week's garbage that even an alley cat wouldn't touch.
1-1.9: Piss poor product. Don't even look at it.
2-2.49: Got lots of kinks in it but you could work with it to get something decent.
2.5-2.9:An average product. Nothing special but it gets the job done.
3-3.49: Good product with a few minor glitches.
3.5-3.9: Quality product with a little extra oomph to it.
4-4.49: Excellent product.
4.5-5: Why are you still reading this? Go and buy it now!

Price: USD $6.49                                  Location:

The one on the left

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